The Software Engineering & Security Laboratory (SESlab) is a part of the Department of Computer and Information Security at Sejong University(SJU), and headed by JaeSeung Song. Our research interests are

  • Research and Development on context of semantic IoT data interoperability

  • Standard Framework for IoT

  • Secure software patch techniques and big data analytics

  • Smart City environment of Future Network

About us

Welcome to Software Engineering and Security Laboratory (SESlab). SESLab, which started from fail 2015 as Software Engineering and Security Laboratory (SESLab) in Sejong University (SJU). We have developed on context of semantic IoT platform and research on standardized framework and elastic edge computing model for future network and smart city since 2015. We have produced 2 Ph.D. and 5 M.S to KETI, TTA, Naver, CJ, nTels, and etc. At present, 4 Ph.D students (full-time: 2) and Master students are pursuing their degrees..


Looking for researchers

  • If you are interested in our laboratory, Do not hesitate to contact Professor JaeSeung Song by email.

  • For the 2021-1 semester: "" Undergraduate Students, "" Master’s Course, "" Ph.D. course and "" Post-Doc.

대학원생 및 연구원 모집

  • 소프트웨어 보안 연구실(SESlab.)에서는 사물인터넷, 네트워크, 보안 분야에 흥미를 가지고 있는 새로운 연구원이 되실분 (Post Doc., Ph.D. Student, M.S. Student)을 모집하고 있습니다. 관심있는 분은 이메일(지도교수: 송재승 교수로 연락주세요.

  • 2021-1 학기 모집 인원: 학부 연구생 명, 석사과정 명, 박사과정 명, 연구교수 명

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