• IoT Standard

    oneM2M is the global standards initiative for Machine to Machine Communications and the Internet of Things

  • Wise-IoT

    Wordwide interobability for semantics IoT

Recent News

Welcome to SESLab

The goal of the Software Engineering and Security (sesLab) group at Sejong University is to support the design and implementation of novel techniques for improving the quality and reliability of software. We intend to build practical platforms and tools for automatically testing software, checking interoperability, generating high-coverage test suites. We also investigate new infrastructures and federated testbeds for building scalable, robust and secure services and applications.Our research spans the areas of software engineering, software testing, software security, interoperability testing, software certification in the domain of Internet-of-Things (IoT).

5G IoT

5G meets IoT by utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and its applications in Building Information Modeling, Path Selection, Obstacle detection using Computer Vision...

CityHub: IoT-based Smart City using Semantics

The CityHub project aims to develop a sustainable smart city data hub that provides integrated management/operation of city data generated from city...

Disposable IoT

Disposable-IoT project is research on technology development and standardization based on edge computing and interoperable software with IoT platforms as well as...

Blockchain IoT

A study enabling blockchain technologies in oneM2M IoT platform